We are committed to training and nurturing those who have the potential to be good barristers. Our Pupillage Committee processes applications for pupillage and vacation mini-pupillage at our Chambers. While academic excellence is an important criterion for our consideration, we also give substantial weight to other important factors, such as analytical powers, integrity and the personality of the applicant.
Applications should be made in writing, accompanied by an up-to-date curriculum vitae. We expect candidates to explain why they wish to join our Chambers as a pupil and to specify the periods for which pupillage is sought. Applications should be addressed to the Pupillage Committee by post to 10/F, New Henry House, Central and should not be made later than 9 months prior to the intended commencement date of pupillage. The application for pupillage is open all year around except May to September.
While there is no guarantee that an offer for tenancy will be made at the end of the pupillage, our current practice is that we will not offer any tenancy to any new barrister who has not served a substantial period of pupillage in our Chambers.

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